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Azure .NET Maestro

As our Azure .NET maestro, you're the heartbeat of our mission to craft a revolutionary practice management system. We're hunting for a passionate coder who's hungry to understand our customers' needs and eager to translate them into digital magic.   
Within our compact, self-managing, cross-functional team of 8, you’ll drive innovation and growth.


  • Extract and hone user requirements, aiming for unparalleled system usability
  • Craft, test, and roll out .NET applications that sync seamlessly with Azure services
  • Collaborate closely within our 8-member squad to manifest user-centric innovations
  • Continuously enhance application performance, keeping it top-notch
  • Engage with our customers directly, absorbing their feedback and turning it into real product magic



  • Non-negotiable expertise in .NET, SQL (performance), and Azure
  • If possible, some React (but not required)
  • Thriving in agile realms is your jam
  • A genuine itch to delve into our customers' worlds, understanding their mechanics and desires
  • Degrees? Your skills and passion outweigh any paper!


Why Join AdminPulse?

  • Clocks? We don’t watch them. We trust you to take your tasks from zero to hero
  • Full remote? You bet. Our trust in you is unwavering, no matter where you plug in
  • Build today, see it live tomorrow. That’s how fast we roll!
  • Innovation isn’t just a buzzword here. Be it AI or any avant-garde service, we’re all in if it amps up our clients' experience


Ready to launch? 

Send your CV and motivation to

See you soon!